Terms & Conditions

Description Of Service

If you place an order please wait until you have been sent the unlock code. A refund cannot be made for an order that has not finished processing yet.

Most codes work without any issues, but on rare occasions the code does not work. If this is the case, we ask that you send in video proof to show this. We ask this to avoid fraudulent claims for a refund. Please follow these steps if you request a refund:

1. Make sure your phone language is set to English
2. Start filming, showing your phone model first
3. Turn ON your phone without a SIM card, dial *#06# and show the IMEI number clearly
4. Turn your phone OFF, insert alternative SIM card and turn ON your phone
5. Enter the code which we sent to you and show the error "Incorrect code"
6. Upload the video to your Google Drive or Dropbox and send us the link

The video must be in high quality so that everything is clearly visible and without any stops or pauses.

Our technical team will review the video and assist you with your issues

If our tech team finds that the unlock code generated for the IMEI# you provided is not working we will make a full refund to your Paypal account.

Cancelling an order

Each unlock code is unique to your phone, based on the information provided. As a result, orders that have been confirmed and placed cannot be cancelled.

Privacy Policy

PromptUnlock.com is committed to protecting your privacy. We collect only the information we need to process your order.We do not store customer payment card details, these are passed directly to our payment provider(s) for the purposes of payment only.You can ask for your details to be completely removed from our database at anytime. 

Information Accuracy

Each unlock code is unique to the phone, thus it is imperative to provide us with accurate information for the cell phone you are purchasing an unlock code for. Ensure that the IMEI number you provide is correct it is important that you get your IMEI directly from your phone. Simply type *#06# into your mobile keypad. When Selecting Network, please choose Service Provider the phone is CURRENTLY LOCKED TO. (DO NOT select the provider you intend to use, but the provider who has setup the original restriction). Once an order is confirmed and placed we cannot change phone details or offer a refund so please ensure details are correct before proceeding with your order.

Codes are delivered to the email provided during ordering. We do our best to ensure that the email is properly formatted to avoid careless mistakes however it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that email provided is accurate so we can deliver your order.

Fraud & Deception

  • We will not tolerate any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means. We report all such defraud attempts to the relevant credit reference agencies and authorities.
  • To combat fraud, we are obliged to log the IP addresses of customer computers at each and every stage of the buying and delivery process.
  • Any attempts to defraud our company are passed on to our dedicated Debt Collection and Fraud Department. We work closely with PayPal, Dalpay, Google, Internet Service Providers, Law Courts and a variety of Global Debt Recovery agents worldwide to successfully prove that our services have been digitally delivered in cases of fraud or mis-claims of ‘non-receipt’. We are able to successfully recover monies in cases where payment has been reversed or charged back.
  • In case of any chargeback or claim, the associated IMEI will be blacklisted in the iTunes database, preventing it from working on all networks worldwide. This is PERMANENT.
  • We reserve the right to blacklist IMEI if customer demonstrates any form of abuse or aggression towards any member of our staff either verbally or in writing. All communication will be terminated with such customers and all correspondence forwarded to our legal department. Any such customer would also forfeit their right to a refund in this instance.
  • If PayPal’s dispute or claim is initiated before the end of service delivery time, it will be considered as online fraud, thus IMEI will be blacklisted within 48 hours to prevent an accessibility to function of any worldwide network.

Terms Of Services

Although unlocking your phone is 100% legal in Canada and the United Kingdom and other regions of the world, standards and laws vary elsewhere in the world. It will be the BUYER’S responsibility to comply with all local and national laws for unlocking their device. 

Payment Terms

We accept payment via:

  • Paypal (When you pay via paypal after registeration on PromptUnlock.com,payment will be add automatically in your account)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram

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